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Cindy Hatch, LMT

Originally from the Bay Area, I feel fortunate to have been raised among people who were artsy, believed in sustainability and willing to serve their community. I was able to utilize these attributes when I relocated to Sacramento where I began raising my family. While there I continued to advance in the Arts and dabble in alternative medicines while my husband was in medical school. In 1991 we moved to Seattle and I continued producing art, starting community gardens and learning more about alternative medicines.  In 1994 we moved to Spokane and I again sought out alternative approaches to health.  I then attended the Noetic School of Massage and knew this was a brilliant format to approach wellness.

I always had a strong belief that the body had a deep innate willingness to lean towards health and well-being if given the right opportunity. During the past 11 years I have been fortunate to assist and witness my clients reaching for their goals for  health and well –being. Whether their injuries are from car accidents, sports, stress related injuries at work or play, utilizing the various techniques such as Swedish Massage, Deep tissue Massage, craniosacral, Hot Stone therapy, Intuitive energy massage, trigger point therapy , aroma-touch therapy, strain counter strain therapy these used together or separately, all benefit the client and their massage needs. I am still in awe of the body’s capacity to heal during sessions.

During the past 11 years of practice my clients range from sports minded people, medical professional to mothers and students etc. While Stress, inevitably enters all our lives, relieving stress through massage is a safe holistic approach relieving it. Many clients after trying other modalities comment massage has the most impact upon them.

I am available for sessions on Monday, Thursday, Friday and most Saturdays.

It is a gift and a pleasure to serve this community.